amplify your audiences 

NUX Podcasting is a pioneering Hispanic audience monetization platform for English-native publishers. We offer a variety of transcreation, production and marketing services to re-distribute your current content library to an unexposed Hispanic audience.


Content Transcreation & Adaptation

Introduce your audio content to new audiences to in audio content to appeal to new audiences cultural nuances.

Create in language costume content to reach multicultural audiences

Distribution & Monetization strategy

Distribute your content across Multicultural segments and create strategies to maximize monetization of your audio content

In Language Custom Content for Advertisers


We built our solutions by closely listening, and understanding to the needs of our colleagues at client, agency and publisher organizations. Our team has first-hand understanding of the current marketplace and can customize offerings to help publishers and brands meet the growing need of spanish audio content that provides entertainment, and conveys information keeping cultural nuances on the forefront of execution. 

We create by listening

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